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Now Available at Well One Collective!

Well One Collective is partnering with Harris Homeplace Farm to bring you100% grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, and woodland-raised pork.  Order online direct from Harris Homeplace Farm and then pickup your order at the Well One Collective refrigerated drop zone. 

How can I order?


Order your meat bundles direct from Harris Homeplace Farm.  Their ordering system is live.

How will I receive my order?

You will select Well One Collective as your drop point when you place your order online and Harris Homeplace Farm will notify you when your order has arrived in our refrigerated drop zone.  You will then come to Well One Collective to pickup your order.

Is Harris Homeplace Farm Sustainable?

Beyond sustainable, Harris Homeplace Farm is regenerative. By regenerating their soils they allow the land to work the way it was intended.  Healthy soil leads to healthy pastures that raise healthy animals to feed healthy people. Regenerative farming is beneficial to the ecosystem, the  environment, and you. 

Who is Harris Homeplace Farm?


Harris Homeplace Farm is a small, generational family farm located in the Silk Hope community of Chatham County.  Currently managed by Michael and Josh Harris, 5th and 6th generations on the farm that has been in the family since the mid-1800’s.  With the use of regenerative practices, the farm produces 100% grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, and woodland-raised pork.


Harris Homeplace Farm's regenerative journey began in 1998 when Michael was in search of a better method of grazing for the farm’s cattle and improving the health of the soil.  Since then, there have been no chemicals or amendments applied to any of the pastures.  The farm transitioned to South Poll Cattle as the breed of choice in 2006.  They thrive on solely grass in the hot, humid summers of North Carolina and never see a bit of grain.  Chickens are moved daily to new grass while the hogs are raised within the woods around the farm as they would naturally be inclined in the wild.


Healthy Soil.  Healthy Pastures.  Healthy Animals.  Healthy People

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